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Growing up is hard work. The pains that come with learning to balance a checkbook can persist for decades. But the actor Adam Brody, who is best known for his role in the teen soap “The O.C.”—he played Orange County, California’s, comic-book-reading, indie-music-listening, yet somehow-still-chiselled Seth Cohen—seems to be settling contentedly into adulthood. “The O.C.,” which premièred in 2003, went off the air seven years ago. Brody, who turns thirty-five this month, was in Brooklyn recently, shooting a Neil LaBute TV show about incestuous step-siblings and promoting his new film, “Life Partners.”

Having rejected a publicist’s proposal that he spend the afternoon at Barcade, a Williamsburg beer joint with arcade games, Brody opted to “walk around.” Off he set, southward from DUMBO along the Brooklyn waterfront. As he strolled, he considered the “Adam Brody type.” “I think it’s been around long before me,” he said. “White, male, brunet, kinda comedy, kinda drama, kinda Everyman; more famous actors would be Tom Hanks, John Cusack, Matthew Broderick. I think with Seth Cohen the Jewish thing was a twist.” Dustin Hoffman?

The satellite provider has ordered to series a drama starring Adam Brody (The O.C.) and Lisa Joyce (A Master Builder) as stepsiblings who fall in love, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Called Billy & Billie, the 10-episode drama will be written, directed and produced by LaBute, extending the playwright’s relationship with DirecTV, where he previously produced the first season of anthology Full Circle and short film series 10×10.

Billy & Billie centers on two young adults, Billy (Brody) and Billie (Joyce), as they fall in love. They face the usual barrage of attention from their friends and family, and the normal anxieties that come at the beginning of a new relationship — which are all further complicated by the fact that they’re stepbrother and sister.

The drama will follow the duo as they struggle to fight what others perceive as taboo, but something that feels right to them. Billy & Billie follows the stepsiblings as they deal with the external pressures and try to decide the right thing to do.

“We are excited to offer Billy & Billie to our viewers, as this is exactly the type of provocative and intriguing programing that they have come to expect from Audience Network,” said Chris Long, senior vp original content and production at DirecTV. “This is our third collaboration with Neil LaBute. We could not be more thrilled to be working with him again and look forward to additional projects in the future as our relationship continues to mature.”

Added LaBute: “I feel extremely lucky to be doing my third project with DirecTV. Bart Peters and Chris Long have been good enough to repeatedly give me a blank canvas to work on in the medium of television, and their trust has resulted in two wonderful experiments in form and content. I can’t wait to work on this new series with them as we continue to try and push the boundaries of what American television can and should be.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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New shows from Steven Soderbergh, Jay Chandrasekhar and others will be available on August 28

Amazon has long been on the fringe when it comes to the high-quality original series game currently dominated by Netflix (alongside traditional media heavy-hitters like HBO and AMC). The company launched two “primetime” series, Alpha House and Betas, last year, but neither received the acclaim that Orange Is the New Black or House of Cards have earned in their two seasons.

That could change later this month when Amazon Studios premieres pilots for five new shows: three half-hour comedies and two hour-long dramas. Among the most promising are Marc Foster’s Hand of God, which stars Ron Perlman as a powerful judge seeking vengeance against “the rapist who tore his family apart” and Really, which Broken Lizard vet Jay Chandrasekhar writes, directs and stars in, alongside Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) and Selma Blair. Other offerings include Red Oaks, a comedy directed by David Gordon Green (Eastbound and Down) and produced by Steven Soderbergh, Whit Stillman’s The Cosmopolitans (starring Adam Brody, of The O.C. fame) and Hysteria, with Mena Suvari.

It’s too early to say with any certainty that the shows will be hits (or even picked up at all), but some of the star power — especially behind the camera — is encouraging.

The shows will be released on Amazon Instant video in the U.S. and U.K. on August 28.

Source: TIME

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COLLEEN KELSEY: When we first meet your character, he’s defined as this guy who wears message t-shirts that say things like “Pizza Slut” or “Epic Fail” and is obsessed with quoting movies like The Big Lebowski. What did you think about Tim when you first read the script?

ADAM BRODY: It was fun to not have to try to be cool in the slightest. I like his lack of pretense. I think he’s a sweet caring guy but he’s not overly concerned with what people think about him, or the fashions of the day, or what have you. He doesn’t have that many inhibitions. It was fun to do that.

KELSEY: It seems like those little quirks about him are something that Paige is initially repelled by, but then they end up charming her.

BRODY: That’s fair. I think Paige is a stylish individual and I just think, perhaps she wonders if they have enough in common. “These things kind of annoy me, are there other things?” [laughs] You know, is there enough to compensate? Obviously, as it turns out, there is. I don’t even think those are necessarily superficial things that she’s worried about… I mean, maybe a little. All those things make up a person and if you’re going to spend your life with them, you want to have enough in common. Obviously it’s not the most important thing if it’s fashion, but you gotta talk about stuff all day long, so hopefully you have some common ground.

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In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Gillian Jacobs talks a little bit about Adam.

Was it icky at all …
[Laughs] I know where you’re going.

… to stage a romance onscreen with your co-star’s then boyfriend, now husband?
I wouldn’t say icky because that would imply it’s gross to kiss Adam Brody, which it’s not. But I’m way more awkward than Leighton and Adam are. They’re way more chill, cool, laid-back people who don’t really get ruffled by things. I’m much more neurotic, so I would get very awkward and blush. I don’t think I really had to kiss him in front of her. But they were far more chill about it. I’m like, “Ooooooh!” So it was a non-issue that I probably worked up in my head.

Source: Huffington Post

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GQ: What’s the trick to becoming the Life Partner that your girlfriend’s friends love too?
Adam Brody: I guess tread lightly—to be honest, I haven’t had so much of a confrontational situation like that in my life, and ideally you wouldn’t. Even in Life Partners, it’s not really Tim’s thing to do. You can be as sensitive as you can, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Ideally you’re not adversaries; it’s a collaboration of loving this person, that you both love and want the best for. Obviously, if she likes both of you, then you’ll probably like each other as well. You don’t want to, like, totally rip someone out of the clutches of their best friend. And at the same time, we all have a right to want the time we want and require.

What should you never, under any circumstances, do at a wedding?
As a guest at a wedding, what should you never do? Fuck if I know. Try not to humblebrag too much in your speech, I guess. Don’t get, I don’t know…get hammered, who cares?

Choose a superpower.
I would like to read super, super fast. Like, Good Will Hunting is how I would like to read.

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Adam is returning to TV!

Amazon Studios continues to curate original programming featuring big-name stars with the announcement that it has greenlit two new pilots: the half-hour dramatic comedy The Cosmopolitans and the hour-long drama Hand of God.

The Cosmopolitans finds Adam Brody returning to television in his first starring role since The O.C. He plays Jimmy, an American living in Paris whose romantic adventures intertwine with a group of fellow ex-pats, including Vicky, played by Chloë Sevigny. Dree Hemingway and Shaun Evans also star in the pilot from writer/director Whit Stillman (Metropolitan, Barcelona). Production begins this week on location in Paris.

The Cosmopolitans and Hand of God are slated to debut later this year on Amazon Instant Video, where customers will be asked to provide feedback on the pilots. Viewers’ opinions will be used in the studio’s decision to pick up either show for a full season.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Is Kristen Bell getting wild and crazy?

Not as much as you might think. During an appearance on “Conan,” Bell discussed the sex scenes she shot with her onscreen boyfriend Adam Brody for their Showtime series “House of Lies.”

Bell was seven months pregnant with her daughter Lincoln during the filming, and she said that the bump, which was later edited out of the shots, often got in the way.

“[He] affectionately refers to our sex scenes as our threesomes because my belly was just on top,” Bell laughed. “And now I can forever look at my daughter and say, ‘Oh, you were present for that!'”

Source: Huffington Post

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Adam Brody visits Access Hollywood Live to talk about his new office-retreat-gone-wrong comedy, “Welcome to the Jungle.” What was it like working with Jean-Claude Van Damme?